Mobics R&D activities span a wide range of application domains. The main ones are summarized below.

ICT for Sports

Mobics develops ICT solutions for sports based on the following components: machine vision algorithms, signal processing algorithms, networked visual and wireless wearable sensors. A novel application already developed is the ball velocity estimation and scoring system for Beach-Racket games. The application is based on the mobiXeyes system. A video for the sport can be found here.

Crisis Management

Various aspects of crisis management systems are investigated in cooperation with researchers from the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications of the University of Athens.

Web Projects

Map-based Web projects and mashups are implemented on top of the Ploigos platform. One example is a location-aware daily deal aggregator and the maps of City of Athens.

Intelligent Transportation Services

Mobics provides a platform for personalized multi-modal routing for public transport. The platform has been developed in the context of the Busfinder project. Specialized logistics and ITS services are also in the scope of Mobics activities, such as optimal (school) bus routing.

Location Aware Services

All types of location-aware services are of interest to Mobics, due to the long experience of its staff with such services in the context of European and national R&D projects. Examples services include indoor location based services, personalized location aware shopping assistance, location-aware advertising.


Mobics provides asynchronous e-Learning services through the Mobics e-Class platform. This platform is based on the open source Open e-Class platform used by most universities and higher education institutions in Greece. This platform is also the official e-class platform of the Greek Ministry of Education. Moreover, Mobics can undertake the design and implementation of synchronous e-learning projects (live video-conferencing).

Digital and Pervasive Advertising

Mobics, being both a Web publisher (owner of and a technology provider, has all the required know-how to implement state-of-the-art advertising projects. Such projects can be executed by ad agencies themselves or “run” on top of Ploigos, taking advantage of its popularity (260.000 unique monthly visitors).